Bangkok has become popular destination for medical hub of Asia over last 12 years. More and more people from the US, Europe, Australia and Japan are traveling to Bangkok to receive a dental treatments. is one of Bangkok leading holiday dentistry. We are one stop Bangkok dental clinic offering full range of dental treatments such as dental cleaning, filling, dental crown & bridge, dental veneers, dental implant, teeth whitening. We are welcome both Thai and international patients. Our office is situated in heart of Bangkok just 5 minutes walking distance from Thonglor skytrain station (Sukhumvit 55) surrounded by serveral budget to luxury hotels & accommodations.


Reasonable dental costs save upto 50% of your local dental bills!
Much cheaper costs than big hospitals or western dentists with the same quality
Traveling to Thailand will be amazing experience!
Worldclass cosmetic dentist, cheap top quality dental treatments.

Why waiting ? You are risk FREE. We offer FREE Consultation and Treatment plan online or at-office. Just send xray or photo by email and we will quote treatment plan within 48 hours for FREE. No obligation!



  • promotion 3,500THB. TEETH WHITENING Just one hour, your teeth will be dramatically become whiter. Teeth whitening features cool light wave 430nm range to activate the hydrodenperoxide on your enamel surafce. Your teeth will get whiter upto 6-10 different shades in one hour by dentist supervisor.
  • promotion 10%discount SMILE & EXTREME MAKEOVER Smile Makeover is one of cosmetic dentistry field that involves with the improvement of teeth that misalign, over-space, over-gap, mis-shape, discolored teeth. Dental Makeover is combination of dental veneers, tooth whitening, crowns & bridges and dental implants. More
  • promotion 43,000THB. DENTAL IMPLANT Dental implant is considered the best treatment for patients who are missing their natural teeth. Implant is artificial root, noramlly made of titaniam, firmly anchored into patient jawbone in order to support new set of tooth replacement over. This kind of treatment is considered as the nearest to natural tooth function available in dentistry nowadays.
  • promotion 10%discount ALL ON 4 IMPLANT IF you suffering with your denture. IF you was told you are not a candidate for implant. IF you cannot wait 2-3 months for implant healing to get a teeth? We offer the breakthrough innovation of full mouth restorations. Unlike conventional implant procedures, All-on-Four (All-on-4, All-on-5, All-on-6 )immediate function will help you get implants and a full set of new replacement teeth on a single trip to Bangkok and Thailand.

Welcome to Bangkok

In the year 2009 Thailand welcomed more than 1.5 million medical tourists and the medical tourism industry keeps growing at 25 - 35% per year. In Dentistry, medical tourists are coming Thailand for dental implants, crown & bridge restoration, veneer makeover, teeth whitening, some come for complete dental makeovers. Especially from the USA, where many are not insured at all or underinsured or from countries like Canada, where patients need a long waiting lists to use health insurance. Bangkok dental clinic was recommended by many customers worldwide. is ideally located in heart of Bangkok just 5 minutes walking distance from Thonglor BTS skytrain station (Sukhumvit 55). Our office is easy to come and surrounded by serveral hotels & accommodations; budget to luxury like Marriot, Landmark, Intercotinatale, etc.. Bangkok dental clinic near BTS is an excellent option due to the heavy traffic in Bangkok.


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