Dental Implant

Though there are already many kinds of restorative alternatives introduced in the market, there is still no treatment can have the same durability and functionality as implants. In most patients, dental implants are seen as the most logical choice for restoration purposes and to bring back the functionality of your teeth as well as its supporting structures.

The implant is made from a titanium “root” that is placed or planted on the jawbone. Once it is implanted, it can now be used as a support for the bridge, crown or even securing a complete denture. Dental implants can also be used for eliminating partial dentures and plates. For many years, this dental treatment has been used for bringing back the same feeling as if you have your natural teeth. Though there are now other dental implants made from zirconium, there are still studies showing that the results may not last for a long time as what titanium made implants are.

There are many reasons why a person may lose their tooth or teeth. Regardless of whatever reasons a person have for losing a tooth or teeth, many experts recommend the use of dental implants as a remedy for such problems with proven results. In Thailand alone, there are about 20 systems used for dental implants. The best thing that you can do to get the best solution if asking your dentist about the best solution available for your needs or you can do the research on your own.

Dental Implant VS Removable Denture

Considered as the standard of dental care for patients with several teeth, this is now the roles of dental implants. Sadly, only a few dentists are trained to do dental implants. With this, there are dentists who tend to just used fixed dental bridge or just using a removable partial denture that can be wrapped around the healthy teeth.

The artificial teeth will be cemented on the surrounding teeth, which leave permanent damage on the healthy teeth. Due to pressure on the healthy teeth, it may lead to the complete failure of its function after a long time of use. Furthermore, a removable denture is unstable, which may be uncomfortable for the part of the wearer and of course with the remaining teeth.

With dental implants, the solution can help in the restoration of the lost roots that can lead to the use of lesser implants. It is not necessary for each tooth to be replaced with implants. Several implants are recommended just to maintain the healthy teeth unharmed.

All-on-4 Dental Implant

If you wear a full denture and need to remove all teeth out, All-on-4 implants is one of the best full mouth implants solution at the present. Not only, the solution has lower prices, it is also quick and easy to apply. In some patients, all procedures can be done within a single trip to Thailand.

This option is a great choice for those who are tired of going through the issues of using dentures as it will be the new set of teeth that will be replacing your old set. The implants used with this option are all designed to function like your natural set of teeth without undergoing bone grafting. There are just many benefits that you can get from this option unlike the traditional implants that you would use and these benefits are:

• Short recovery time is required
• Costs on every implant is reduced
• May not require bone grafting
• Easy maintenance is needed with proper oral hygiene
• The ability of eating all types of food is restored
• Frustrations on removable dental appliances will be relieved
• Long-term results are projected and conveys a potential to last for a lifetime
• Bone level stabilization is achieved which helps in giving a renewed youthful appearance
• A new smile can be created in just a span of one day
• Quality of life and self-confidence can be enhanced.