General Dentistry

Basically, going to a dentist can be a preventative matter. Just making sure that you can take care of your dental health and avoiding things or practices that may harm your teeth, gums and other parts is an effective way of preventing it.

However, even if you would do all the safety practices just to keep your dental health at its peak, experts still recommend that you visit a dentist regularly. This visit could be done at least twice every year. Such visits would be enough to make sure that you are following the right oral hygiene and that everything functions properly.

The same recommendation is given whether you are in Thailand or in other countries. As you undergo oral maintenance and checkup on a regular basis, the development of any serious dental issues requiring expensive treatments can be prevented.

If you are interested to know the different dental works that are conducted in a dentist visit, then check out the following. Every dental work type includes the diagnosis, prevention and also the treatment for various conditions affecting the dental and maxillofacial region of one’s body.

Dental Cleaning

This process requires the professional cleaning of your teeth and gums that a licensed dentist can only provide. In a routinely done dental cleaning, the process can be divided in different procedures such as:

1. Dental Scaling

This process will be removing the tartar and plaque from all the tooth surfaces that may require the use of various kinds of scaling depending on the amount of tartar and plaque that you should be removed. Traditionally, dentist may perform this by hand but with the advancements in technology and the creation of different equipment modern methods like Airflow are now used for this process. In addition, manual and electric scaling can be combined to get best results from the process.

Airflow or also known as Ultrasonic Scaling is done through the use of a machine that is called as Cavitron. This machine is using sound waves for the removal of the tartar. Airflow may only remove about 50% of the entire tartar buildup, hence, the need for manual scaling for getting best results. People wearing pacemakers are not allowed to undergo such procedures as the ultrasonic sound will affect the function of the device.

2. Dental Polishing

Dental polishing or also called as the finishing touch is the last part of the routine in dental cleaning. This requires the rubbing of the teeth’s surface. 2 kinds of polisher can be used in this process; a rubber tip polishing used with the prophy paste and a pophy jet polishing. With the prophy jet polishing, the dentist will be high pressured mixture of water and baking soda paste is sprayed unto your teeth’s surface. The pressure from the water will wash the residues away while the use of the baking soda is to remove the stains and neutralize the acidic contents within your mouth.

On the other hand, the rubber tip polishing uses a hand piece where a rubber cup tip is installed on top and is powered in low-speed. A polishing paste having abrasive ingredients is applied on the cup tip for removing the stains.

Dental Filling

Only a few people are able to manage not having any problems with cavity. Say, you are one of the people experiencing cavity problems. A dental filling procedure from your dentist is needed. In this process, the dentist will be removing the decayed part of your teeth and put dental fillers on the area for the prevention of further decay as well as strengthening the tooth.

With advancements in the modern dentistry, there are already different materials used for more aesthetically pleasing fillings and procedures are now made more comfortable. In Thailand, there are 2 main types of dental fillings used:

1. Amalgam

Most people have amalgam fillings as these are the old ones used as fillers that contain certain amounts of mercury. Though there are no significant amounts of mercury stated in these fillings, it is still considered as a poisonous threat not only in the body but in the environment as well. Furthermore, these fillings are not that advantageous as it requires more tooth removal and are prone to corrosion.

2. Tooth-Colored Filling

Used as the alternative for the traditional metal fillings, fillings made from composite materials such as tooth-colored fillings are created. The tooth-colored fillings have the same look and color of the natural tooth and are popularly called Composite Resign Dental Fillings. These are made from plastic dental resins and are combined with glass and porcelain particles. Such types are not only durable but are more natural to look at than the traditional fillings.

Say, you already have the amalgam fillings or just got a broken tooth because of cavity. You can ask the dentist to have it replaced or filled in with composite dental fillings are these are more attractive than the old ones.