Cosmetic Dentistry

An interesting field in dentistry is the cosmetic dentistry as it tackles all of the procedures where the improvements in the appearance of any patient’s smile. Procedures used in this field involve improvements on over-spaced, misaligned, over-gaped, discolored and misshaped teeth. Most of the time, procedures involved would focus on teeth whitening, the use of veneers and other processes that would restore the original smile of the patient.

Unlike the traditional dentistry where maintenance and observance of proper oral hygiene and health is done, cosmetic dentistry is more on letting people own an attractive smile using different treatments, tools and other procedures.

Teeth Whitening

Having whiter teeth is now considered as a person’s status symbol, especially for celebrities. Many people are looking for more ways on how they can keep their teeth as white as possible and be able to flaunt a bright smile. Due to these needs, there are now many procedures especially in cosmetic dentistry that would help in attaining that bright and white smile.

When you search through the market, there are just various kinds of teeth whitening systems that can be found. But when you visit any dental clinic in Thailand, you will experience the used of LED or cool light technology in teeth whitening as these requires lower costs on the equipment. Aside from the use of such technology, there are also those dental clinics using plasma, laser that uses a similar procedure as the LED light technology.

This procedure is now a common dental procedure as it can be done easily even in a single visit to the dentist. After the procedure is done, you will notice the optimal results at once while those kits used at home may require several tries for results to be seen.

Dental Veneer

Dental porcelain laminates, porcelain veneers or simply, dental veneers. This is the latest development in the field of dentistry and comes in wafer-thin shell-like porcelain that is bonded on the front part of the teeth to get an aesthetic improvement in its appearance.

These veneers are basically used on patients having teeth that are:

• Worn
• Discolored or stained
• Misaligned
• Chipped
• Or just used as an alternative for an orthodontic treatment

When you visit Thailand, you get to choose from veneers made from 2 materials – composite and porcelain. Thai dentists would use Empress Emax System or Empress Esthetic for bonding porcelain made veneers on the enamel. They would use certain bonding materials that can attach the veneer on the tooth securely. As the porcelain veneer is brittle, it becomes durable and strong as it is bonded firmly on the tooth.

On the other hand, composite was found on a research that can actually help in strengthening the teeth and at the same time protecting it from further decaying.

Composite vs Porcelain veneer