Prosthodontic Dentistry

It mainly refers to dental restoration, teeth replacement and improvement of function and appearance of a patient’s smile. Most of the prosthodontic jobs involve denture, dental bridge and crown, implant, inlay and onlay. There are times when people use aesthetic reasons in getting such works like those with the dental crown as it can change the color and shape of the teeth. Thailand is one of the very popular places among medical tourists because of its advancements in the medical field.

Dental Crown

This is a tooth-like covering that is placed on a tooth that is carefully prepared. Dental crowns are used for strengthening, restoring the natural tooth’s appearance. The crown is usually placed like thimble on your finger. There are times when crowns are used for strengthening the structure of the tooth after fillings are placed on the tooth especially after a root canal treatment. It can also be used for protecting the tooth’s structure when it is broken and fractured.

With the use of the crowns, it can also cover the teeth and restore its natural size, shape, color and function. While the crown that should be placed on your tooth is being fabricated, a temporary one will be given to you. Many people tend to get crowns as these provide longer life span instead of just bonding. Furthermore, it resists any type of stains better, keeping its color and also resisting crack and chips. Other procedures may be performed along with the placement of the crowns depending on the condition of your tooth.

Dental Bridge

One of the traditional methods in replacing a missing tooth or in some cases teeth is through the fabrication of a dental bridge. When doing this procedure, the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth or space will be prepared for dental crowns. A false tooth will be fabricated and joined with the crowns and have it cemented on the teeth. When the bridge is placed on the teeth, it cannot be removed and the patient is required to use special aids for keeping it clean.

Dental Onlay or Inlay

Inlays are almost the same like fillings than the onlays. These are created in a dental lab after the decays are removed and are expected to last for a longer period of time and are more durable. Inlays can be fabricated from any tooth-colored composite porcelain, resin or gold. Moreover, the amount of tooth structure removed is lesser compares to what crowns would require.

Onlays are identical with the inlays except for the several cusps that should be used in preparing it. This procedure is done when the cusps have been traumatized or decayed and shows the need for replacement. Onlays can be made from same materials like what inlays have and are sometimes referred as the partial crowns.


2 kinds of dentures are available, partial and complete dentures. The complete dentures are used for replacing the entire teeth on an arch while the partial dentures are only replacing several teeth on an arch. Close fabrication of the patient’s denture base or suction, these are the ways on how complete dentures can be worn. With the partial dentures, metal clasps will be wrapped around the remaining teeth. Depending on the condition of your teeth, other alternatives can be recommended aside from the use of dentures.