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Getting dental works in Thailand can save you lots of money. Some treatment costs only quarter dome in USA or Australia. Here is a comparison of major dental treatment fee surveys in Thailand,  Australia, and USA.

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Thailand Price USA Price (USD) Australia Price (AUD)
Private Clinic (THB) Hospital  (THB) Thai Price In USD
Consultation ( AU 011) Free-200 200-500 Free–$17 $50-$150 $49–90 
X-ray  (AU 022) 150-500 150-1000 $5–$33 $20-$250  $30–56
Dental cleaning and scaling (AU 114) 600-1000 800-2000 $20–$67 $70 -$200 $93–165
Simple tooth extraction (AU 311) 600-1200 1000-2000 $20–$67 $75-$450 $144–280 
Dental Filling –  one surface (AU 521) 500- 1200 1000-2000 $17–67 $50-$300  $110–220
Dental crown indirect per tooth (AU 615) 6000-14000 10000-25000 $200–$834 $800-$3,000 $1051–2000 
Full crown – metallic – indirect 6000-14000 10000-25000 $200–$834 $500-$1,500  $1051–2000 
Bridge pontic – indirect – per pontic 6000-14000 10000-25000 $200–$834 $500-$1,500  $1051–2000 
Denture (complete maxillary) (AU 711) 7000-20000 10000-30000 $234–$1000 $700 -$1,800 $950–2000
Dental Implant and crown per tooth 30000-60000 40000-75000 $1000–$2500 $1,500-$4,000 $2000-$4000


Dental Implants

Dental implants are metallic used to replace a natural root portion of the tooth with an artificial one. It’s the strongest form of tooth replacement available to date.


Dental crowning is the process of covering a tooth to restore the damaged or missing tooth to its normal shape by using materials like metal alloys & ceramics.

Root Canals

Root canal treatment (root canal therapy) is a treatment used to clean infections and repair to save a badly damaged or infected tooth. Otherwise, patient, you need to remove the tooth instead.


Tooth whitening or tooth bleaching is the process of lightning the color of natural tooth by using peroxide-containing materials.


Dental restoration or tooth filling is a process of restoring the function and integrity of the tooth structure, usually enamel resulting from decays or damages.


Dentures are synthetic material used to replaced the missing tooth and are supported by the tissues of the oral cavity.

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Get To Know Bangkok

Bangkok (also known as Krung Thep), the capital city of the kingdom of Thailand, is the most populous city in the country, with over 10 million people live in the city, as of 2020. The city is also one of the top tourist destinations, with an estimated 22.7 million international visits each year.

The city is located on the delta of Chao Phraya river, about 40 kilometers from the gulf of Thailand. The metropolis is a bustling, crowded city, with temples, factories, shops, and homes juxtaposed along its roads and canals.