Guide to visit a Dentist in Bangkok Thailand

Whether you’re a foreigner travelling to Thailand for a dental treatment or an expat who’s currently looking for a solid guide to dentists in Bangkok, then you have come to the right place.

Bangkok isn’t just a famous destination for tourists, but also one of the most preferred places for foreigner to have their dental treatments done. This is because if you live in developed countries like the US, UK, Australia or Canada, a typical dentist cost could be 3 to 4 times higher than that in Bangkok, that too, with similar quality of work.

Why Visit A Dentist In Bangkok?

Dental facilities in Bangkok city are one of the finest you can find. With top clinics like Bangkok Dental Intentional Center (BDIC), where they have over 80 specialists all ready to help solve your dental problems, you can see the direction where this is heading. Most of the places here do have special amenities for foreigners such as boutique hotels or spas.

The cost of treatments here can be 70% cheaper than back home. But don’t take this for granted. Affordable doesn’t mean a compromise on quality. The quality of treatment here can be at par if not better than that back home. Here, you can find all the treatments available such as dental implants, dentures, root canals, etc.

 Here is a comparison of major dental treatment fee surveys in Thailand,  Australia, and USA.

Thailand Price USA Price (USD) Australia Price (AUD)
Private Clinic (THB) Hospital  (THB) Thai Price In USD
Consultation ( AU 011) Free-200 200-500 Free–$17 $50-$150 $49–90 
X-ray  (AU 022) 150-500 150-1000 $5–$33 $20-$250  $30–56
Dental cleaning and scaling (AU 114) 600-1000 800-2000 $20–$67 $70 -$200 $93–165
Simple tooth extraction (AU 311) 600-1200 1000-2000 $20–$67 $75-$450 $144–280 
Dental Filling –  one surface (AU 521) 500- 1200 1000-2000 $17–67 $50-$300  $110–220
Dental crown indirect per tooth (AU 615) 6000-14000 10000-25000 $200–$834 $800-$3,000 $1051–2000 
Full crown – metallic – indirect 6000-14000 10000-25000 $200–$834 $500-$1,500  $1051–2000 
Bridge pontic – indirect – per pontic 6000-14000 10000-25000 $200–$834 $500-$1,500  $1051–2000 
Denture (complete maxillary) (AU 711) 7000-20000 10000-30000 $234–$1000 $700 -$1,800 $950–2000
Dental Implant and crown per tooth 30000-60000 40000-75000 $1000–$2500 $1,500-$4,000 $2000-$4000

Where To Stay In Bangkok For Dental Treatments?

There is no shortage in accommodation in Bangkok. One of the most famous places is the Sukhumvit area. The place is affordable and have lots of availability nearby. You can find everything you need here such as restaurants, shops and easily accessible Sky Train, Bangkok’s public transit.

However, we recommend you live nearby your dental clinic as traffic in Bangkok is something that can make your transportation experience unpleasant.

Is It Safe To Live In Bangkok?

Bangkok is a safe city to live in, with a rare case of violence against foreigners. But just like any other metro cities, There are some common crimes here such as pick-pocketing and scamming that you need to be careful with.

But overall, people here are some of the nicest you can find. So if you ever stuck at getting more information about a place to visit or travel, feel free to reach out to the person nearby and he or she will definitely help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do dentists here speak English?

Yes, all of our partner clinics speak English. Most of the dentists here in Bangkok are well-trained in English as well. So you don’t have to worry about this.

2. What payments are accepted?

Cash (in THB) and all the major credit/debit card companies (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.) are accepted.

3. Is it difficult to travel around Bangkok?

No, not at all. Travelling in Bangkok can be very easy. You can either take a public transportation such as a taxi or a public bus, or take a metro. Here you have 2 metro options to choose from – skytrain (BTS) and underground train. The metro system here is pretty convenience and the staff there should be able to help you out in case of any help.