How much does dental fillings cost in Thailand?

A dental filling or commonly called a filling is a process of restoring a damaged or decayed tooth back to its normal function using special filling material. If there’s decay, first the decayed portion will be cleaned out by the dentist, then the opening portion will be filled with the filling material in order to prevent the bacteria from entering and from further decay.

Types Of Fillings

There are various types of dental fillings based on the filling material used.

  • Tooth color filling – also known as composite plastic filling, is a powdered glass and plastic material that mimic the natural color of a tooth. It’s preferred to be used for top of the teeth filling.
  • Silver filling or silver amalgam – this is the most commonly used type of dental filling. The material is made up of a mixture of silver alloy and mercury and are more durable than other types.
  • Porcelain fillings – these are produced to order in a lab and are bond to the tooth. It’s much preferred for the entire tooth coverings and are expensive. The color is also the same as natural tooth.
  • Gold filling – again, this material is produced in the lab and is made of an alloy of gold, copper and other metals. This is the most expensive material.

Dental Filling Procedures

First off, your dentist will numb the surrounding gum area using a local anesthetic. Then the affected tooth will be inspected. If a dental decay is presented, the infected area will be removed, washed, dried and the filling will be made to fill up the opening portion. Your dentist will ask your to perform a bite in order to check if you’re comfortable with it.

Risks & Complications

In most cases, dental fillings are very safe to perform. However, a couple of issues can occur:

  • In the first few days, you could feel a bit uncomfortable and pain while chewing. But this should go away on its own
  • Some patients may be allergic to the filling material
  • Sometime, insertion of the filling can cause damage to the nerves within the tooth

How Much Does A Dental Filling Cost In Bangkok?

On average, a dental filling cost varies between $30 to $40 in Bangkok. The cost depends on the filling area, the tooth location, and if there’s any addition services required such as tooth decay removal.